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The Shaolin Secret To Happiness

The secret of happiness is to connect our heart with our body. These days people think too much and their mind and body are out of harmony. Shaolin Qigong and Kung Fu takes us from our thinking mind and clothes us in heaven and earth. Every time we do our Shaolin Workout, we turn off our thinking mind and let our internal wisdom take over.

Life is not meant to be a cosy duvet. We forge our mind and body through the fire of our training to reach our highest potential. We train as if every training session is our last and we train until we’re empty. We do not put our energy on hold for some future time. Now is all we have. Now is where the Buddha lives.

 Our body is a treasured gift and it’s our job to take care if it and nourish it. We are humans and animals. We are born to move. A mind and body disconnected can not feel whole and complete. This is what we all seek, a sense of wholeness. Entering into these ancient forms we reconnect our mind and body and from this flows peace and happiness.

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  • Mike

    Thank you Sifu for your strength and wisdom.

  • Philip Lockhart

    Man I wish I had known 20 years ago. Well now I know there’s no turn back full out to connect body and mind

  • Beatriz

    Thank you very much for your contribution as a shaolin and as a human being!
    My son, Pedro, went to China to train with you and that made me very happy and thrilled. I saw your call for the Camp and told him about it…something that I would do if I could!
    Greetings from Brazil!!!

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