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The Cellular Power Of Qigong

One of my biggest regrets is not going back to China to see my mum before she passed away. One of the the things I don’t regret is training. Even if we don't feel we're that great or we’re starting late, the result, once we begin, is always positive. 

It adds years to our life. We live young, we don’t grow old. We’re constantly renewing and re-energising our mind and body. Each time we train, we promote repair at a cellular level.

At the Shaolin Temple where I come from, the founder of Zen created Yi Jin Jing Qigong. It translates as muscle/tendon changing Qigong. But why are muscles so important? They pump blood through our body and help us to breathe. From the age of 30, they shrink, and Yi Jin Jing Qigong is like weight training for the muscles to stop the shrinkage. And what about tendons? They connect our muscles to our bones and play a vitally important role in movement. This Qigong helps to keep them flexible.

This is why a young monk will practice this Qigong. As well as an elderly woman. And myself, as a fifty-year-old man. It’s only children that don’t need to practice

In my 1 month online program, I teach this Qigong step-by-step. You can then access the classes from your phone, tablet or computer for 12 months, honing what you’ve learnt. That’s about £0.49 a day. It’s not a supplement that you need to keep buying every month. It’s yours for the rest of your life.

Whether you’re a martial artist or you’ve never done martial arts before, I encourage you to add in this time-tested Qigong to your routine. It energises and calms your mind and body and gives an effortless power to everything you do. This is why my program combines physical training with Qigong training so you discover for yourself how to harness the power of Qigong in every activity that you do. This is not theory. This is your experience. NOW.

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