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Supercharge Your Body To Fight Ageing And Disease

We can't stop the ageing process but we can influence it and slow it down. Our Shaolin Ancestors said that if we do Qigong, our body will become stronger and we will be free of disease. This knowledge is now being proven through science. The latest discovery focuses on telomeres. If we have longer telomeres then we have longevity and health, and shorter telomeres can mean a reduced life span and a greater risk of chronic illness. Here's 5 ways to lengthen your telemores. 

  1. Longevity Qigong. Qigong appears to have a positive effect on telomerase (the enzyme that protects telomeres) in 2 studies so far. Just like we upgrade our phone, Qigong acts as an upgrade to our internal organs, influencing our genes to increase our longevity and prevent chronic illness.
  2. Instant Health MassageMassage supercharges our Qigong. If you are doing this self-massage, you will notice your skin is incredibly soft. Skin is our biggest organ and the bamboo brush gives us an acupressure massage and sport's massage in one. 
  3. 5 minutes. Meditation is not something we have to do cross-legged on a cushion. Find moments of stillness in the midst of your busy life so your daily routine is peppered with 5 minutes of calm.
  4. Wish People Happy. May you have happiness is a Buddhist meditation in all traditions. Brain scans on people practicing this meditation have found that it increased the happiness section of their brain. It's great to wish people happiness when we're stuck in a traffic jam, a queue or on our daily commute. 
  5. Zenify Your Diet. Whatever choice you make about your diet, cut out processed food and refined sugar. These foods shorten our telemores.  Zen monks don't eat solid food in the evening but soup. Try it. It's better for your digestion.  
  6. Exercise. The benefits of exercise are well known. Doesn't have to be kung fu. Find something you enjoy and exercise at least 4 times a week.

I'll leave the last word to our Shaolin Ancestors. "Your body is a treasured gift from heaven and earth. To damage or destroy your body is to squander your life. Once born into this world you can lead a long and healthy life. There is nothing more important than nurturing your life with the practice of Longevity Qigong."

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  • Eric Ethier

    Thank you for teaching n Sharing real traditionnelle Kung Fu, n for the inspiration n motivation that you vive me, you help me change m’y life Thank you sifu….?

  • Lee Gravett

    Thank you for your continued passing of knowledge. It’s been a great help to me and at almost 50 (5 months away) the advice and training examples have helped stay flexible and youthful

  • Gabi

    Beautiful words, Shifu.
    Thank you

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