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Freedom From Everything

Shaolin is a way of life.  As a Shaolin student, our life begins with Shaolin. Everyday we begin from zero and come back to zero. Although we have a lot to do each day, we don’t get too caught up but stay with our big mind.

 It’s important to stop what we are doing each day and shed our mind and body. We can do this through sitting meditation but Shaolin Monks usually do this through Qigong or Kung Fu. This is the ground from which our life springs from. It gives our life stability. This is why we say: A mountain can crumble before you and you are not disturbed. 

Whatever is happening in our life we are stable and strong. You will find this happens on a physical level -  it’s harder for someone to push you - and also a mental level, you’re not trying but things just don’t bother you like they used to.

This is true freedom. We're no longer under the illusion that if only something in the outside world was different we would be happy. We realise true freedom and happiness comes from within.

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  • Anthony Morocco

    Thank you Shifu!

  • David B

    I keep this page open in my browser and read it just about every day. This post reminds me to get out of “small mind” Thank you Shifu!

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