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5 Minute Calm

5 recommendations that only take 5 minutes and induce calm and wellness . All of these recommendations help to shift our mood and focus. And yes, it really can take just 5 minutes. Skeptical? Try them and see!

  • Kick

Do the 5 Fundamental Kicks.  20 times each leg. If you're stiff, start with a stretch and gently warm up. These quicks are a great way to increase flexibility. They're also surprisingly tough on stamina. I teach them in my Novice Monk Online Course and you can follow along with them in my video below.

bamboo beater

  • Massage 

A time-saving way to increase flow through the body and wipe stress and fatigue away. Use the bamboo brush to massage on the inner leg from the knee to the ankle. Repeat on each side x 10. In Eastern Medicine, these acupressure points relate to the liver which is the organ that responds to stress.

  • Connect 

Shaolin Martial Arts is about connection. We connect our mind and body through our breath. We connect with ourselves through the Qigong and Kung Fu movements. Ask yourself, what do you need to do to feel connected today?

neck massager

  • Stimulate

The neck massager is designed to stimulate pressure points along the side of the neck. It helps to alleviate headaches and eye strain. The Abode of Qi neck massager is easy to use, you can even do it while you watch TV. It's versatile. If you're having  trouble sleeping, add it into your nightly routine, if you're finding yourself sleepy during the day, it will give you a surge of energy.

  • Read

A student of mine gave me a book called, How to be Calm in a Busy World. My English is not that good so it's difficult for me to understand all of it but I feel this is a peaceful book.  Thank you for all your interest in my meditation book. Due to the current situation, I'm unable to publish it right now. But hopefully, in the future.



  • John Pollock

    Thanks to you

  • Alan E Taylor

    Did Shifu do a third book on Zen Meditation?

  • Alex

    Great tips on using the bamboo brush, I will certainly give it a try! Shifu’s bamboo brushes are of great quality. They really help to energise your body and aid in recovery after training. Wishing you peace, prosperity and happiness!

  • brian pelton

    thank you, yan lei.

  • Tim

    Thanks for this

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