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The Shaolin Monk Solution: Reduce Stress and Supercharge Your Energy

There are many ways to tame our turbulent mind, which means we can find a practice that suits us. At the Shaolin Temple in China, my master told me to make training my meditation. Whatever is happening, whether good or bad, I always go for refuge in my training. This gives me stability. My training never lets me down. If a member of my family is sick in China, and I’m here in London, I dedicate my training to them, and then my training is not only a meditation but a prayer.

The main Qigong I do is Yi Jin Jing and Xi Sui Jing Qigong. If you practice these forms, it’s essential to know they originate from the Shaolin Temple in China. They were initially secret teachings to gain enlightenment. It’s only recently that they’ve been available to lay people. This is why there are so many variations. I teach the original Buddhist form. Of course, you don’t need to be a Buddhist to learn, but when you learn, understand this is not about knowledge. It is 100% about your direct experience.

Before you begin, tell yourself, “I will put aside my thoughts and bring my heart and mind to the practice.” No thinking. Just do. Let the Qigong reveal itself to you. Have patience. It takes time. ( even just thinking less unwanted thoughts will give you an increase in energy and focus). 

Training in this way is the greatest treasure we can give ourselves. If we only have knowledge, this is like someone who stores food in a cupboard and never eats it. The food can never nourish us unless we take it out of the cupboard and eat it. When we taste the food, our problems dissolve, and the practice brings peace and happiness.

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