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The Art of Going Nowhere

If our focus is on improvement and wanting more, we may ignore what we already have. We may miss the most important place we need to be, which is here. Now.

Shaolin Kung Fu and Qigong are exercises designed to move our mind as much as our body. They come from the Shaolin Temple of Zen. These movements were created by the founder of Zen, Damo. He is our spiritual ancestor.  

In Zen there’s an emphasis on simplicity. Simplicity is not exciting. But you won’t get very far without it. Simplicity is doing the same movements, each day, and bringing your heart and mind to those movements. Skilfully noticing the boredom, the desire to run, the craving for more.

Simplicity is staying. Not jumping from one thing to another. Not relentlessly gathering more knowledge. Just staying and being and working with what we have. Through getting to know the movements, we get to know ourself.

This is the meditation.

This is the teaching.

The same principles apply to all of the teachings from beginners Qigong to advanced Qigong to Kung Fu to fighting. This is how it shifts from Damo’s teachings to YOU. 

Your journey guided by the founder of Zen. 

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