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4 Free Training Tips For 2023

Kick off 2023 with these actionable training tips that will reset your martial art’s focus and help you live your best year ever!

  1. Just Do It -  Forget willpower, it runs out. Train at least 4 times a week and  at the same time. Training like this makes training a habit rather than something you have to make yourself do. I get a lot of emails when my Live Zoom classes have finished from students fired up to continue their training. This is because it's now a habit. Think about it, do you need to make yourself brush your teeth in the morning?
  2. Get Concerned - Most of the time I focus on the positives of training. But sometimes, I think about what would happen to my mind and body if I didn’t train.  I’m 50 and my training has made me younger both internally and externally. I can see the difference when I compare myself to my friends who don't train. 
  3. Get Bored  - In order to perfect your martial art you need to repeat the same movement thousands and thousands of times. Don’t allow pride to get in your way. Practice the movements that challenge you and you find the hardest. You have to work hard, often, and consistently in order to see results. It's not about being excited or inspired. 
  4. Be Something Bigger Than You -  The Bodhidharma gave us a roadmap with clear instructions as to how use martial arts as a meditation.  In the West we tend to over complicate things. My master never allowed me to do this. Coming from a Zen Temple meant I wasn’t allowed to ask my master many questions because if he gave me answers then they would be his answers and this would cloud my direct experience. Keep  your training simple. Combine Qigong with Kung Fu. Focus on your breath and your movement. Don’t over complicate. Don’t judge yourself or others. Just do it. This means you're a disciple of the Bodhidharma. This means you're training in Zen.

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