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The 7 Health Habits Of A Shaolin Monk

Living like a Shaolin Monk gives us a fascinating insight into how we can live a longer, healthier life with more vitality even in the midst of our urban modern life. Many of us look at a Shaolin Monk's life and think it's extreme but think of a Shaolin Monk like an Olympic champion, working hard everyday to remain at the peak of their health and fitness so they can achieve their end goal of enlightenment.

The 7 Health Habits Of A Shaolin Monk

1) Make your health your priority

Yesterday a student came to me with back pain so bad, he found it difficult to stand up straight. He told me that he couldn't work or do anything because he was so overcome with pain. I massaged his pain to alleviate the worse of it then I guided him through a Qigong movement. At the end of our session, his pain was almost completely gone. I asked him what had triggered the pain, and he told me he hadn't had time to do any training for many months.

Your health is the most important thing there is. Without health you can't work or look after your family. Make it a priority. Shaolin Monks never skip a workout. 

2) The Power Of Commitment

Before embarking on their training, a Shaolin Monk makes a vow in front of their community. Being healthy requires a lifestyle changes and a way of approaching life in a more holistic way. Think of what you want to achieve, how much time you can give to achieve this goal, and make an inner commitment to strengthen your resolve.

3) Everyday Life Is Zen

When a Shaolin Monk eats they do eating meditation,  when they walk they do walking meditation. Staying focused on the path leads to unshakeable peace. So next time you're in the supermarket do shopping meditation! Treat everything you do as a sacred activity. 

4) Be Moderate In Eating and Drinking

Through training, your body will naturally reject unhealthy foods and crave healthy foods. Shaolin Monks think of food as medicine, only eating and drinking what they really need. This isn't about morality, it's about what serves the purpose of honing us into a martial artist. 

5) Quality counts more than quantity

When a Shaolin Monk trains they train with their heart - mind first then their body. Better to train for ten minutes like this than an hour of unfocused scattered training

6) It is our bad habits that cause us trouble, not reality

Whenever a negative emotion arises, a Shaolin Monk welcomes it as a gift  so that they can progress on their path. We tend to cling to our worries, circling them round and round in our mind like a marble.  But the truth is that by doing this we are only adding to our problem. 

7) The Peaceful Heart Is Always Here

A Shaolin Monks way is to peace is through their training and meditation. Whatever yours is, make sure you give yourself time to renew yourself on a daily basis through the Shaolin Qigong Workout and get in touch with the peace that is always within you.

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  • Kumaraguru

    Thanks , thanks, thanks

  • Alexander

    I’m 54 years old I would like to learn the ways of shoiline

  • Kendall Byrd

    I am inspired by your knowledge & I am eager to learn more about training my mind/body.I am 50years young & seeking to learn more about the principles used & the overall benefits. Thank you in advance.

  • Paula

    I love #3. Great reminder of what I can do everyday.

  • Emanuel

    I agree and its that’s why its students or alumni have strong will to achieve something. These seven points may one of many sacrets of Shalolin

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