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Rou Quan – Soft Fist – Shaolin Tai Chi (Download) -

Rou Quan – Soft Fist – Shaolin Tai Chi (Download)


Rou Quan is a famous traditional Shaolin form which helps ease the stress of modern living. As well as improving mental and physical health, this thirty-six-movement form can also be used in self-defence. Shifu Yan Lei takes you step by step through this dynamic form, explaining each movement in detail and demonstrating some of the self-defence techniques that are hidden within the movements. A combination of internal and external techniques, it helps to balance the yin and the yang energies and leads to higher states of mind and body health.

Also available as a DVD (PAL)

  • 957.4 mb. MP4
  • English
  • 4:3 aspect ratio
  • 60 mins