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Fighting Punches And Kicks – 3 x DVD Bundle -

Fighting Punches And Kicks – 3 x DVD Bundle


If you want to win a fight or defend yourself against an attacker then your punches and kicks need to have power, speed, and precision. Fusing ancient Shaolin tradition with cutting edge 21st century knowledge, Shifu Yan Lei demonstrates how they can achieve these vital qualities. In the 2nd DVD, Shifu Yan Lei reveals a series of simple and highly effective movements to catch your opponent’s punch and kick then take them down. 

In the 3rd Fighting Punches And Kicks series, Shifu Yan Lei focuses on how to block your opponents punches and kicks. Whatever punch or kick your opponent throws at you - jab, upper cut, push kick, round kick etc  - Shifu Yan Lei gives you step by step instructions as to how you can use traditional Shaolin and modern sanshou techniques to easily block your opponent.

  • Not suitable for anyone under 18
  • Best to be used with a sparring partner
  • The Ultimate Guide To Shaolin Fighting Skills

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  • Volume 1 PAL
  • Volume 2 and 3 Region O
  • English
  • 4:3 aspect ratio
  • 60 mins