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5 Reasons To Do the 5 Fundamental Kicks

The 5 Fundamental Kicks are practiced every day at the Shaolin Temple. I practiced thousands of them as a boy and still practice them today. These kicks are one of the main reasons Shaolin Monks are so flexible. But they offer far more than great flexibility.  

5 Reasons To Do The 5 Fundamental Kicks

  1. They Keep You Young - The 5 Fundamental Kicks simultaneously build flexibility, strength, endurance, balance and power in one fully integrated unit. All of these aspects are crucial for a healthy, age-defying body.
  2. They Dramatically Increase Flexibility - Dynamic stretching combined with static stretching is the optimum way to stretch. The 5 Fundamental Kicks are a dynamic stretch and one of the main reasons Shaolin Monks are so flexible and stay flexible.
  3. They Open The Hips - When we think about flexibility we don't tend to think about our hips yet they provide most of the power that our lower body generates for running, punching and kicking.  Hip issues can seriously effect our martial arts so it's crucial to keep them open and flexible.
  4. They're Great For Fighters - A boxer has 3 angles to punch: jab, upper cut and hook. A Shaolin Fighter has 5 angles to kick. How can you use these angles when you fight? A good way is to trick your opponent. When you do a push kick, turn it into a side kick. Think creatively and think about these different angles. Make your mind as flexible as your body.
  5. They Can Be Added To Any Workout - Training at the gym? Finish off with the 5 Fundamental Kicks or make them a part of your circuit training. Running? Once you've finished running, do the 5 Fundamental Kicks. Try doing them as quickly and powerfully and precisely as you can and your stamina will be seriously tested! 

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  • Mulangira Nakibinge Apollo

    I love the Shaoling kung fu and will always train to my level best. Thanks Shifu Yan Lei. Leraning more from ya inspirations. # Amitoufo

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