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Lohan With Pearl Of Longevity Amulet

Lohan With Pearl Of Longevity Amulet


Lohans are known for their wisdom, courage and power. They are believed to ward off evil which is why they are guardian angels to Zen Buddhist Temples. In Chinese Buddhism, Lohan is used to describe a practitioner who has a high level of attainment or pre-enlightenment but has not yet become a Buddha.

In this beautiful hand carving, Lohan carries the pearl of longevity. This stone is not made from jade but it has a very similar quality. You can only find this stone in the Gobi desert. 

  • Black cord intricately laced with medium sized black beads.
  • Bodhidharma - Damo - the founder of Zen. 
  • Cord length approx. 27cm.
  • Limited edition. Only one available.